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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Famous Rims | Celebrities and Custom Cars

Celebrities are known for their custom cars. From modified builds to massive technology upgrades, stars everywhere want to build a car that fits their individual personality and needs. While the cars themselves are definitely impressive, we can’t help but look at the wheels. As a crucially important part of the vehicle, impressive wheels can make…
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The Benefits of Installing Custom Rims on Your Car

Since buying a vehicle is already such a big investment, tacking on any extra purchases might seem like a waste of money. That’s one reason why at Wheel Creations PVD, we push customizing the factory wheels rather than buying an aftermarket wheel. But if you really want to radically alter the look of your car,…
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Wheel Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Taking care of your vehicle’s wheels isn’t easy. As one of the more essential components of a well-running car, wheels are also one of the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. An uneven tread, built-up corrosion on the wheel or even a haphazard rusty nail can all affect the essential performance of your car, as…
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Black and Chrome Rims | What’s the Difference?

If you’re picking out custom rims for your car, be sure to consider several important factors before you make your decision. Personal preference and the final look of your vehicle is an important consideration as custom rims give you an opportunity to style your car the way you want. However, since your wheels are about…
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