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With state-of-the art technology and premium materials Wheel Creations PVD has revolutionized the chrome plating industry. Our rims stand up to harsh weather and road conditions so they won’t peel or corrode like other wheels. In addition to our variety of options we also offer customizable chrome exchange programs. Learn all about our programs and products below. If you don’t see your question answered, reach out to our experienced customer service team for help.

General Questions

What is included in the price?

Our total package includes four chrome wheels and four chrome center caps (if required, some cars such as Jaguar and Smart brands reuse factory center caps). All shipping costs are extra. Please see the shipping information section of our site for a complete breakdown.

What if I don’t see the wheels I need on the site?

Reach out to our team by calling (562) 381-2670 or use our online contact form and we'll check our available stock for you.

Can the wheels I have be rechromed?

YES. Just send in the wheels from your vehicle and we can rechrome them. Once we receive your wheels the turnaround time is approximately 7 to 10 business days, plus shipping.

If your wheels have been previously chromed, please note there is an EPA/STRIP charge of $100 per wheel in addition to our normal PVD chrome plating charge.

Can Wheel Creations chrome wheels from motorhomes and large trucks?

YES. We have experience chroming large steel and aluminum truck wheels. Give us a call at (562) 381-2670 for a price estimate.

Can Wheel Creations chrome other parts?

YES. We specialize in a range of hard to chrome pieces such as manifolds, intakes, complicated ornate pieces, and hard metals such as steel. Just send us a digital photo of your parts and we’ll be able to give you a price quote along with an approximate turnaround timetable.

What types of finishes does Wheel Creations offer?

We now offer Bright PVD Chrome which mirrors the finish of traditional electro-plated wheels but has more durability, along with a variety of high end automotive grade powder coat finishes.

Questions About Chrome

What is PVD Chrome?

Learn more about our revolutionary PVD Chrome process by finding information on the specific page on our site.

Can I send my wheels in to you to be chromed?

Yes, we can chrome your wheels if you don't want to exchange them for our wheels.

How do I care for my new chrome wheels?

Maintenance of chrome wheels can be easily performed regardless of your vehicle make or model. Please refer to the maintenance section of our website for more details.

Order Processing Questions

How long will does it take to receive an order?

We ship all orders within 24-48 hours of receipt. If you live in the Western states, shipping time is approximately two to three days, Midwest is approximately three to four days, and the East coast takes approximately five to seven days to receive your finished wheels. We can always expedite shipping for an additional charge if you need your order sooner.

What is the turnaround time if there aren’t wheels in the inventory that are ready to ship?

Normal chrome plating time takes approximately three weeks once production has started.

How do I check the status of an order?

You can call our team at (562) 381-2670 or use our online contact form to receive an update.

How do I turn in my old wheels to Wheel Creations for credit?

We supply you with call tags from FedEx. For specific details, please refer to the shipping information section on our website.

Can I trade my wheels in for a different style of wheel?

It depends on what you have as a core and what type of wheels you are looking to buy.

Core Deposit Questions

Can I buy wheels outright with no core exchange?

YES. The additional cost of the core is dependent on the current market value of your specific wheel plus the chrome plating cost. Please call our team for specific details and a price quote.

If my wheels are already chrome, can they be used for cores?

MAYBE. Whether you can use them depends on the current condition, size and type of wheel. We accept previously chromed wheels as cores with an additional charge of $100 per wheel for the EPA chrome strip change.

What if wheels have minor curb damage? Can they still be a usable core?

YES! Most of the time we can repair any wheel with minor damage and accept it as a core. If your wheels need major repair, the cost involved in repairing them will be deducted from the core deposit or the wheel will be returned to you and no core credit will be issued. If you aren’t sure how significant wheel damage is you can send us a digital photo and we'll tell you upfront.

How long does it take to receive a core credit?

Credits are issued on the Friday of the week we receive and check the cores.