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Acura Chrome Rims

If you own one of Acura’s exceptional line of luxury sedans and SUVs, then you know that these cars are built with exhilarating performance, unsurpassed comfort, and exacting attention to detail in mind. As an Acura car owner, you’ll want to spin with glittering class that not only leaves an impression but also benefits you in more ways than simply looks. At Wheel Creations PVD, we make this easy by providing you with show-quality and durable Acura chrome rims.

Get started by simply browsing our online selection of Acura PVD chrome wheels by finish, car model and make, size, and other specifications, or simply take part in our O.E.M. wheel exchange program to get the best chrome finished wheels in exchange for like-for-like wheels.

Superior PVD Chrome Process

As an industry leader in PVD chroming, you can count on our state-of-the-art PVD process for a superior chrome wheel finish. Unlike traditional chrome plating, our process is a perfect choice for eliminating wheel pitting and peeling issues on your chrome plated wheels. Our PVD chrome process is O.E.M.-approved and uses a specialized and extensively tested powder-coated primer that guarantees maximum protection and durability for your Acura chrome rims.

We also apply a mixture of chrome in a specially designed PVD vacuum chamber to give your Acura wheels a beautiful finish and look. An acrylic clear coat is also added to improve durability. PVD chroming your wheels comes with benefits:

  • The process is ideal for all weather conditions
  • Exceptionally high-quality and durable
  • Our PVD chrome wheel finishes are backed by a full 4-year warranty
  • Curb rash and other normal wear and tear is simpler to fix with PVD chroming
  • PVD chroming is 100% environmentally friendly and 80% lighter than chrome plating

Choose From Beautiful Chrome Wheel Finishes

Whether you own an Acura MDX, TLX, NSX, ILX, RLX, RDX, or an RLX Sport Hybrid, getting a new set of PVD chrome wheels for your Acura sedan or SUV easily adds a touch of class to your car. Choose from our chrome finishes and enjoy that added level of elegance you’ve always wanted. Our options include:

  • PVD black chrome
  • PVD bright chrome
  • PVD onyx chrome
  • Other PVD specialty colors like blue, red, gold, and bronze.

We also offer other services including wheel refinishing and wheel restoration. Ready to order new Acura chrome rims or exchange your wheels for finished chrome wheels? Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.