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Custom Chrome Wheels

Powder Coating Southern California

We can all admit that it feels great to have a clean, fresh, and detailed look on a car. New trends always come and go but fitting your sedan, SUV, truck, or any other type of vehicle with quality custom finished wheels has always been an attraction for many car owners in Los Angels and…
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Chrome Plating Long Beach

Chrome plating has long been used as a wheel finishing option. But with the advancement of wheel chroming technology, more companies and vehicle owners are moving away from the traditional chrome plating process that peels and pits over time. Because chrome doesn’t last forever, re-chroming is usually an option, and this is where PVD chrome…
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Powder Coating Los Angeles | Wheel Creations PVD Does it Best

Rims define the look of a car, but custom wheels add a stylish appeal that sets your car apart from the rest on the road. Custom wheels are available from so many aftermarket wheel manufacturers, and the list keeps growing every year. If you want to change the look of your wheels without necessarily having…
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Chrome Wheels Los Angeles | Wheel Creations PVD is #1

Putting a new set of custom wheels on your car can spice up your ride so you can enjoy some of that new-car excitement. But choosing the right wheels for your car can be a bit of a challenge with all the customization options available. Chrome wheels are the most popular go-to option for many…
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