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Custom Chrome Wheels

Black and Chrome Rims | What’s the Difference?

If you’re picking out custom rims for your car, be sure to consider several important factors before you make your decision. Personal preference and the final look of your vehicle is an important consideration as custom rims give you an opportunity to style your car the way you want. However, since your wheels are about…
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Why Wheel Creations PVD?

Upgrading your car’s wheels is one of the best decisions you can make for your vehicle. Wheels affect the function, safety and value of your car, so they should be as high-quality as possible. And how do you ensure that your wheels match your style and improve the maneuverability of your car? With a set…
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How PVD Chrome Coating Fights Corrosion

Taking care of your car’s wheels takes a lot more than just driving through a car wash. Whether you own a sleek sports car, a small family car, a large SUV, or any other type of vehicle, there is no doubt that wheels are the most abused accessories. They’re the ultimate pop of shine or…
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Top 5 Car Mods for your Lexus

Your car is one of your most important investments. After all the difficulty of buying the right car, you want to make sure that your new purchase looks and performs the best it can. For Lexus owners, mods are a great way to take your stock vehicle and create something truly distinct. But there are…
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