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BMW Chrome Rims

Looks always matter when it comes to your car, more so if you own a high-end brand like the iconic BMW. Perfection, for most car owners, is when a car runs smoothly and meets their personal needs and requirements. Usually, outward appearance matters in one way or another. You have different options to improve the appearance of your BMW, but the most popular is upgrading your wheels as the first step towards perfection.

With custom BMW chrome rims for your latest or vintage ride, getting that classy look is surprisingly easy with our PVD chrome finishing services at Wheel Creations PVD. Whether you’re a daily driver, the occasional carpool captain, or a frequent off-roader, you can easily improve the appearance of your car and leave an impression at prices you’ll love.

Get Started with Our O.E.M Wheel Exchange Program

At Wheel Creations PVD, we know that upgrading your wheels can be a costly venture. That’s why we provide you with our revolutionary O.E.M. wheel exchange program. We’ve been offering our valuable clients with our reliable and convenient wheel exchange services since 1985. This program allows you to get durable and beautiful looking PVD BMW chrome finished wheels in exchange for your factory non-chrome finished wheels.

Have some plain wheels that you want to upgrade to black or bright BMW chrome rims without waiting for your car wheels to get chrome plated and finished with our state-of-the-art PVD chrome process? Get started today with our wheel exchange services. We only accept like-for-like wheels. Damaged wheels may be subject to some repair charges. Our process is simple:

  • You’re billed a core charge of $175-$350 per factory-finish wheel
  • The wheels are worked on and finished in PVD chrome for delivery
  • Once you get your wheels, you send us back your factory-finished wheels
  • Once we get your core wheels, we give you a full refund of the core charge

Enjoy convenience, great value, and great savings by ordering PVD chrome wheels through our industry-leading wheel exchange program. You can also request other services like wheel restoration and wheel refinishing at Wheel Creations PVD.

Wide Range of PVD Chrome Finishes

Style is definitely the most important thing when it comes to determining a car’s beauty and originality, and nothing makes it easy to stand out than a set of new custom BMW chrome rims. We sell different sizes of custom wheels for different BMW cars. Shop from our wide range of PVD chrome finishes, including the:

  • Popular PVD black chrome
  • All-shiny PVD bright chrome
  • PVD onyx chrome
  • PVD specialty chrome colors for a personalized look

As a BMW car owner, you can enjoy a number of benefits with our PVD chrome finishing process for your custom chrome rims:

  • Superior and durable
  • Exceeds the life of traditional chrome plating
  • An O.E.M.-approved process that is 100% environmentally friendly
  • PVD wheels are 80% lighter than chrome plated wheels
  • Maximum protection with a beautiful look
  • Perfect for all weather conditions
  • Curb rash is no big problem with PVD chrome finishing
  • BMW PVD chrome rims can be reworked and refinished easily and affordably
  • Our PVD chrome wheels come with a 4-year warranty

Order Custom BMW Chrome Wheels Today

Ready to repair or refurbish factory BMW black chrome wheels or upgrade your wheels with a new set of custom PVD chrome wheels? Take part in our wheel exchange program or directly order PVD chrome finished wheels at Wheel Creations PVD. Get a quote now. Call us at (562) 381-2670 or email us at sales@wheelcreationspvd.com.