Chrome Services

Wheel Creations PVD provides true PVD chrome plating, powder coating, finishing, and O.E.M chrome wheel exchange services. Our reputation as the leader in our field has been earned through our professional and superior show-quality PVD chrome plating and finishing services, backed by our unparalleled customer service. Our services go beyond PVD coating wheels and include, wheel restoration and O.E.M wheel refinishing services.

Chrome Wheels

Our industry-leading PVD chrome coating and finishing service is the core of our business. We can PVD chrome both aluminum and steel wheels, and comfortably handle different wheel sizes. Whatever type of vehicle you have, whether it’s a luxury car, a vintage car, passenger truck, commercial rig or a fleet of business vehicles, we can easily transform and upgrade your factory wheels to new, custom chrome wheels that come with a more durable coating and finish.

At Wheel Creations, we offer our clients the same great shine they would love on their wheels with more protection and easy maintenance. We carry all the wheel brands you know for small cars, SUVs, family cars and even trucks. Our PVD chrome finish ensures that your wheels don’t peel, pit or corrode, no matter the weather conditions. Whether you have an old wheel, a new wheel or a re-chrome, you can count on us to deliver the only chrome proven to last.

Chrome Wheel Exchange

Wheel Creations is committed to offering the best value to our customers. That’s why we provide California’s best chrome wheel exchange program. If you’re looking for a company that specializes in PVD coating wheels and wheel exchange, talk to us. We have a wide selection of PVD chrome plated wheels to choose from, in exchange for your silver or gray factory wheels off your vehicle. Simply order the same style and size wheels you have on your vehicle and we’ll send you the same type of wheels in PVD chrome.

We charge you a refundable core charge of $350 per wheel shipped to you. Install your new PVD black chrome, PVD bright chrome, PVD onyx chrome or PVD specialty color chrome wheels and ship us back your factory finish wheels using the original boxes and return labels provided via FedEx. Once we’ve received your wheels, we verify that they’re the same and in good condition, then refund back your money.

O.E.M Wheel Refinishing

To ensure that our customers are satisfied with the quality and finish of their wheels, we take time to restore all wheels that we receive at our shop to O.E specifications. While we recognize that every PVD chrome finish process is usually a bit different, we can assure you that the process we use when PVD coating wheels meets factory grade approval and test standards. Our PVD chrome wheels outlast traditional chrome plated wheels and are 80% lighter, offering better fuel economy and 100% environmentally safe.

Send us your factory finish wheels without the tires, valve systems or weights and clearly indicate your preferred PVD chrome finish on your online order-form. After receiving your order and confirming the details, you can expect to receive your wheels in approximately two weeks. We do our best to deliver the best quality PVD chrome. When your wheels are ready to ship, we package them with utmost care and ship them back to you via FedEx. Mount your wheels and enjoy a beautiful look on your vehicle.

Wheel Restoration

Wheel Creations also offers high-quality wheel restoration services for wheels and parts that need rechroming. With our unique 5-step chrome process, we can easily handle steel, aluminum projects. Worried about tarnished or rusted parts or wheels? We can strip them and apply our innovative and durable PVD chrome to restore them to their original bright finish. Choose from our black chrome, gloss black and bright chrome finishes. Have vintage wheels that need restorations? Send us a photo of your wheels and get a quote.

Partner with Us at Wheel Creations

Ready to upgrade your plain wheels to incredible black or bright PVD chrome wheels? Wheel Creations offers high-quality PVD chrome coating services and one of the most established chrome wheel exchange programs in California and beyond. We have served customers for over 30 years and continue to provide the most trusted and reliable PVD chrome finish services. Participate in our chrome exchange program and enjoy real value, savings and great convenience with our services.

We are not just about PVD coating wheels, but serving our customers and ensuring they're satisfied. Want to learn more about our range of services? Email us at or call us directly at (562) 381-2670.