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Core Charge

Core Charge

Chrome Exchange Deposit Fees

Swapping out silver or grey wheel rims for chrome options is easy to do and can really make an impression. At Wheel Creations PVD, we make getting chrome wheels simple and straightforward with only minimal chrome exchange deposit fees. That way you get the rims you are looking for without the hassle.

What we Charge for Cores

What exactly do we mean when we talk about a core? The core is essentially the current factory wheels on your car. To get chrome wheels, Wheel Creations requires a chrome exchange core charge of $350 per wheel that we ship to you. This chrome exchange deposit fee is then refunded when we receive your factory wheels in the mail. All wheels must be factory stock, as we cannot accept previously chrome plated wheels as cores for our exchange program.

How to Exchange Your Cores

Our core exchange program is available for dealerships and clients through a direct-to-customer business. Our wholesale option is for dealers who want to offer chrome wheels at an upsell to customers. To participate in our exchange program all you need to do is place your order and our rims are shipped directly to you. We provide return labels for the return of the cores. After receipt of the cores, we examine them to make sure they are reusable before issuing the credit back to the card.

No matter how you get your chrome wheels, we’ve priced our chrome exchange deposit fees to be affordable. Get in touch with us today at (562) 381-2670 or by emailing sales@wheelcreationspvd.com to discuss your core needs with us. Our experts can give you a quote, help you place your order, or answer any questions you have.