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Celebrities are known for their custom cars. From modified builds to massive technology upgrades, stars everywhere want to build a car that fits their individual personality and needs. While the cars themselves are definitely impressive, we can’t help but look at the wheels. As a crucially important part of the vehicle, impressive wheels can make or break a car’s design.

Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with the drawbacks of impractical wheels, we just get to enjoy the overall look. Keep reading to learn about some of the most famous rims from some of the world’s biggest celebrities.

Rob Dyrdek’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

To start things off, we have a blast from the past in the form of Rob Dyrdek’s 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. Rob kept the stylistic integrity of the vehicle intact, only making a few changes to the engine and added aesthetic elements that modernize the look of the car. These famous rims are fire-engine red to match the racing stripes on the car’s body. The two elements work together to stand out against the midnight black of the car, creating a cool look that gives the vehicle its modern-classic appeal.

50 Cent’s Blue Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago

50 Cent kept things surprisingly uncomplicated on his convertible Lamborghini Murcielago. The vehicle features a bright blue body on 22-inch blue rims. The monochromatic look works well on the car, giving it a classic and modern, if flashy, look.

Will.i.am’s Tesla Model S

Will.i.am is known for making lavish, sometimes monstrous changes to his vehicles, and the Tesla Model S is no different. But the real stand-out of the vehicle has to be the rims-or, shall we say, the lack thereof. Will used a special “rim-less” design to create his famous rims, resulting in extra-big wheels that lack the interlocking metal of most rims. Despite the unnecessary modifications, it’s actually a pretty cool look.

Rampage Jackson’s Dodge Challenger SRT8

Rampage Jackson’s Dodge Challenger is a beast of a vehicle full of customizations. Besides bumping up the power specs, he also added his famous 24-inch rims that feature both black and red detailing. In case you weren’t aware whose car you were looking at, Rampage also had his name etched in red around the rims of the car. It doesn’t get more custom than that.

Jay-Z Maybach Exelero

Jay-Z’s Maybach Exelero is one of the coolest cars on this list. As one of the most expensive cars in the entire world, it would be a little upsetting if it didn’t impress. The impressive horsepower and sleek black body create an enviable combination, and the famous rims work to complete the look. A bright chrome stands out against the dark elements of the vehicle, creating a high-end look you’d expect from an 8 million dollar car.

Drake’s Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman

Drake’s Mercedes-Maybach Pullman is essentially a mini limo, although it’s officially labeled as a sedan. The car is most impressive on the inside, where it features the luxury you’d expect from a star like Drake, but we’re obviously drawn to the custom rims that add an elegant look to the bulky vehicle. The chrome-coated rims are designed to feature metal heavily, resulting in a tires that balance out the sizable vehicle they’re carrying.

Ice-T’s Fisker Karma

Ice-T’s Fisker Karma, which he refers to as his “Space Shuttle,” features an all-white body and a sleek design, but the obvious standout is the famous rims. The custom wheels create a spiral look, adding some interest to an otherwise plain vehicle.

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Lamborghini

While many rims are designed to blend into the vehicle, giving it a sleek and sporty look, Nicki Minaj’s famous rims are made to stand out. The bright color of her custom Lamborghini extends to the wheels, which are coated in the same eye-catching pink. The custom design really makes the car stand out, which is saying a lot on a bright, all-pink vehicle.

David Beckham’s Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead

David Beckham’s Rolls-Royce is fully customized, including a multimedia TV/DVD system and his signature “23” stitched into the seats. 24-inch black wheels complete the modern look without overpowering other eye-catching elements of the vehicle. Given the sleek look, these famous rims really add something special to the car.

Justin Bieber’s Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

While Justin Bieber hasn’t made the best decisions with his custom cars, we have to respect the look of the Liberty Walk Ferrari. The deep blue color is eye-catching and effortlessly cool, but for us it’s definitely the custom rims that make the car. The 20-inch black wheels stand out against the bright vehicle, giving it an ultra-sporty look that we’d love to replicate for you.

Flo Rida’s Gold Chrome Bugatti Veyron

Rapper Flo Rida went all out with his gleaming Bugatti Veyron. These famous rims feature a set of gold-plated wheels that shine just as bright as the rest of the car. It may not be the most practical decision when it comes to custom rims, but it’s definitely sure to capture your attention.

Jay Leno’s Ecojet

Jay Leno stands in front of a sport’s car

After deciding that he wanted an eco-friendly sports car, Jay Leno personally commissioned the Ecojet from General Motors’ Advanced Design Studio. With a 650-horsepower turbine engine, the car is designed to pack a punch. However, the aesthetic elements are also interesting. The custom rims feature heavy-duty plating that can withstand the ultra-high speed of the car. It’s a car that can take a beating, which is more than enough to impress us.

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