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Infiniti Chrome Rims

If you own a high-performance Infiniti sedan, SUV, luxury coupe, or a crossover, then you know that the appearance of your car is everything. Whether it’s the head-turning Q50 sport sedan, the comfortable and luxurious QX60, the premium active QX30 crossover, or the beautifully designed Q60 premium sport coupe, a new set of custom chrome wheels should be more than enough to turn heads and make you a proud Infiniti car owner.

At Wheel Creations PVD, we provide you with show-quality and durable Infiniti PVD chrome rims and other custom wheel finishes to suit your wheel upgrade needs. We have continuously served individual car owners, aftermarket auto specialty shops, independent tire dealers, and auto dealerships with industry-leading PVD chrome finishing services since 1985.

Premium PVD Chrome Wheel Finishes

Infiniti chrome wheels are an upgrade that most car owners seek to make to set themselves apart from many others on the road. When you want to upgrade to custom rims, you’ll want to rely on a trusted wheel plating and finishing process. We provide Infiniti car owners with a variety of chrome wheel finishes for their wheels. Our options include:

  • PVD black chrome
  • PVD bright chrome
  • PVD onyx chrome
  • Other PVD specialty colors like blue, red, gold, and bronze.

PVD or Physical Vapor Deposition is a highly efficient and durable finishing process that has over the years been used in the aerospace industry and is now a popular finish in today’s automotive industry. Our Infiniti chrome rim finishing process is:

  • 100% environmentally friendly and durable
  • 80% lighter than traditional chrome plating, meaning better fuel economy
  • Longer lasting than chrome plating
  • More protective against curb rash, corrosion, peeling, or pitting of wheels
  • Perfect for any weather conditions
  • Backed by a 4-year warranty

Take Part in Our Industry-Leading Wheel Exchange Program

At Wheel Creations PVD, we value the traits that Infinitis are rich in - high levels of refinement, luxury, power, and artfully expressive and original styling. That’s why we offer our revolutionary O.E.M. wheel exchange program so you can get the custom wheels you need to build your vehicle’s own style and uniqueness.

Want to get started? Our wheel exchange program allows Infiniti car owners to buy a new set of customized Infiniti PVD chrome rims at a cost-effective price by simply sending their factory-finished wheels back to us. This program is ideal for anyone who wants an easy and convenient way to replace their wheels instead of making an outright purchase.

To take part in our wheel exchange program, you’ll be required to pay a refundable core charge up front as a deposit at the time of purchase, which is then refunded back once we get your wheels. If your wheels are in great condition, a full refund will be provided. Damaged wheels are subject to a repair charge of $20-$40 per damaged Infiniti wheel. We only exchange like-for-like wheels.

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Get a new set of Infiniti PVD chrome rims in advance and enjoy the eye-catching look of a new chrome finish on your car wheels without any delays. Get the custom chrome wheels you need for your vehicle at a fraction of the cost at Wheel Creations PVD.

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