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Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

Wheel Creations PVD, Inc. 9451 Washburn Rd Downey, CA 90242 warrants to the ORIGINAL OWNER ONLY that the chrome plating furnished by Wheel Creations PVD, Inc. is free from defects in material and workmanship only, under normal and intended use for a period of 3 YEARS starting from the date of original purchase. This warranty is limited to peeling and separation of the chrome from the wheel and is non-transferable.

Due to the nature of the PVD process some inclusions (air bubbles and/or fish eyes ) may appear on each wheel in the clear coat. These inclusions are normal. Inclusions are not considered to be a defect and do not effect the longevity or durability of the chrome finish and are not considered a warrantable condition.

Should a wheel be found to be defective with the exception of items not covered under the limited warranty Wheel Creations will replace that product at no charge including outbound freight.


  • Pitting due to lack of consumer maintenance and care.
  • Transfer to the second owner of a pre-owned vehicle
  • Any road hazard condition including but not limited to bends, cracks, or curb damage


  • We recommend Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl remover for minor scratch removal
  • Mild soap and water wash
  • Lint free cotton polishing cloth for cleaning

Wheel Creations PVD, Inc. agrees to repair or replace, at Wheel Creations PVD, Inc. sole discretion any plated finish that is determined to be defective. The repair or replacement does not include the cost of installations, labor or freight cost of returning the product to Wheel Creations PVD, inc. Wheel Creations PVD, Inc. hereby disclaims all implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability and use for particular purpose, to the extent the law of the state of the sale and federal law allow.

Wheel Creations PVD, Inc. will repair or replace any wheel that upon inspection by Wheel Creations PVD, Inc. .or its authorized agent, is found to be out of round for a period of 10 days from date of purchase or initial installation onto consumers vehicle whichever comes first. Out of round conditions caused by improper install, accidents, wheel impact, racing or off road use are excluded.

All defect returns will be reviewed by quality control personnel and any defect not found to be the responsibility of Wheel Creations PVD, Inc. will be rejected and returned to sender at their expense. Appearance defects will not be honored if:

  1. Damage occurred during mounting
  2. Damage occurred during shipping
  3. Damage caused by neglect
  4. Damage caused by abrasive, acid, or other harsh cleaning methods. Do not use commercial car wash.
  5. Damage caused by accident, curb damage, attempted theft, or abnormal use.
  6. Damage to bead seat due to cheap tired lube that is caustic black in color
  7. Misuse, negligence, accident, or wheel impact
  8. Chrome finish defects caused by negligence, and the improper use of caustic acid or abrasive wheel cleaner.