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PVD black chrome wheels

If you love the sleek look of chrome wheels but get disappointed by the maintenance that they need to prevent corrosion, pitting, and peeling, we also feel the same. Wheel Creations PVD is here to tell you about PVD chrome finishing and why it’s the future of the custom wheels industry. If you live in or around Los Angeles, PVD coating is the perfect solution when you want a beautiful, smooth, and unmatched wheel finish that makes a huge statement on the road.

Why PVD Chrome Finishing?

PVD chrome finishing is a 100% eco-friendly and safe process that works perfectly on a variety of rim styles. No matter your vehicle make, model, year or style, PVD chrome is a great addition to match your vehicle’s unique style. Wheel Creations PVD’s process ensures years of service for your PVD coated rims even in extreme weather conditions. To ensure maximum durability, a specialized powder-coated primer and a clear acrylic coat are applied on the wheels.

With our PVD coating services in Los Angeles, you don’t have to worry about curb rash, pitting of the wheels, corrosion, or peeling. Our PVD chroming process is designed to protect your wheels against these wheel-damaging conditions. The PVD chrome is also 80% lighter than traditional plating, which results in better fuel economy for car owners. When you choose custom PVD chroming, you can be sure that your finish will outlast your factory finish.

Custom Finishes To Match Your Style

While the benefits of PVD coating are obvious in terms of a sleek look and durability, most customers have one question in mind: how does a PVD chrome wheel look when compared to a traditionally chrome plated wheel? If you’re new to PVD coating services in Los Angeles, there are different types of finishes to choose from. Some have a more shiny look, others are a bit darker, and others have custom-color finishes based on customer requirements.

The most common PVD chrome finishes are:

  • PVD black chrome
  • PVD bright chrome
  • PVD onyx chrome
  • PVD specialty colors like blue, orange, and red

Upgrade Your Car’s Wheels With Ease

Vintage custom wheels

Whether you drive a vintage Porsche 911, a huge 4x4 truck like the Ford Raptor, a tech-advanced SUV like the Hyundai Santa Fe, a small family car like the Honda Civic, a head-turning muscle car like the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, or a sports car like the McLaren 570S, Wheel Creations PVD has a complete stock of PVD chrome wheels that you’ll love. Order the wheels you want or take part in our revolutionary O.E.M. wheel exchange program.

We exchange like-for-like factory-finish wheels with PVD chrome wheels of your choice. Learn more about our wheel exchange program here. We’ve perfected our PVD coating process in Los Angeles to make sure every wheel we customize is something that our valuable customers will love. Our PVD chrome finishes not only make an impression with a stylish appearance but are also an investment that you can be proud of for many years to come.

Have any questions about our PVD chrome finishing process? Need wheel refinishing or restoration services? Feel free to talk to us at (562) 381-2670 or email us at sales@wheelcreationspvd.com.

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