Tesla Custom Wheels in Los Angeles

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Set your Tesla Model S, Model 3 or Model X apart with the finest chrome wheels on the market. Having a nice set of custom Tesla chrome wheels can mean all the difference between feeling classy and feeling invisible. If you’re planning to chrome upgrade your Tesla rims or simply want to try out some cool PVD chrome wheel finishes you’ve been having in mind, you can count on Wheel Creations PVD to meet your needs. We provide the time-tested PVD chrome finishing process and a top-notch selection of custom wheels for your favorite Tesla model.

Why Customers Choose PVD Chrome Wheels

Chrome wheels make your car pop, but what makes PVD chrome finishing stand out? Tesla cars come with factory aluminum wheels that are not chrome-finished. The good news is, you can have them chromed at Wheel Creations PVD. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a state-of-the-art finishing process that provides car owners with a superior alternative to chrome plating and is the perfect choice when you want to improve the visual appeal of your Tesla.

Why are more customers opting for custom PVD chrome-finished Tesla wheels?

  • No pitting or peeling of the chrome plating on wheels
  • Perfect for any weather conditions
  • Easy and affordable to repair PVD chrome finished wheels
  • O.E.M approved for quality
  • Specialized powder-coated primer for maximum wheel protection
  • Additional acrylic clear coat that extends wheel durability
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • Considered the automotive wheel finish of the future
  • PVD chrome is extremely light and highly durable
  • Beautiful finish with different options - PVD black chrome, bright
  • chrome, onyx chrome, and specialty color finishes

Unmatched Durability and Appeal

The benefits of PVD chrome wheels are unmatched in terms of durability. With PVD chroming, you not only get a high-quality shine but also get a completely different wheel finishing that will not pit or flake under normal circumstances and use. You get to eliminate the worries of traditional chrome plated wheels and comfortably drive all year round, even in a harsh winter climate. Enjoy the appeal that comes with custom PVD chrome wheels for your Tesla model.

Request a Quote Today

Wondering where to start with your custom Tesla chrome wheel finishing needs? At Wheel Creations PVD, we take pride in bringing you the best PVD chroming technology. Take advantage of our O.E.M. wheel exchange program and swap out your Tesla factory wheels for a new set of PVD chrome finished wheels today and leave an impression. We’re the go-to solution when you need a reliable and durable set of Tesla rims.

We also provide other services including wheel refinishing and wheel restoration to give your PVD chrome Tesla wheels a new and beautiful look. To learn more about our PVD chrome plating options, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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