“It was a pleasure working with Lauren and her team. I have never done an upgrade on any of my vehicles before but wanted to jazz up my 2014 Camry. Lauren walked me through the whole process, sent me photos along the way and helped me upgrade my vehicle not only with a new wheel style but also a black chrome finish. The wheels arrived at my doorstep, I took them to my tire guy to have them mounted. It was simple. I would definitely use Wheel Creations again.”

- Jim W., Boise, Idaho

“Thank you, Lauren, for answering my email about Black Chroming my OEM 2012 Chevrolet ZL1. I was just getting ready to pull the trigger on a set of Black Chrome wheels from another vendor when you contacted me and explained the differences and sent me pictures of the different shades and that was exactly what I needed. You also went above and beyond having just had a newborn and was very patient with me. For all this, I say thank you and would highly recommend you to anyone wanting exceptional work and fast turnaround.

- Sidney Bryce

"I have had two sets of wheels coated for me by Wheel Creations PVD. They provide a top quality product at very competitive prices. In my opinion, what is more important, is the high level of service I get from Wheel Creations PVD. Lauren & Co. treat every customer like family, and they will truly do whatever it takes to make sure you are satisfied. Every new car I get moving forward will have Wheel Creations PVD coated wheels, and I highly recommend you take your chrome and powder coating projects to them.”

- Matt Zlaket, Northern California