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Wheel chroming in Los Angeles

Every car owner wants to add some style and class to their vehicle, and nothing beats the transformation that a set of custom chrome wheels offers. But what type of wheel chroming process in Los Angeles should you go for? Whether you own a 4x4 truck, a classic vintage, a sleek sports car, muscle car, or day-to-day family car, going for custom PVD chrome finishing gives your wheels the perfect sparkle and brilliance that matches your car’s style.

Unlike traditional chrome plating, PVD chrome finishing can stand up to harsh weather conditions and road grime without the chrome on the wheels peeling, chipping, fading, or pitting. Wheel Creations PVD, a top provider of PVD chrome services in Los Angeles, helps you customize wheels that you can be prouder of for a longer time.

Professional PVD Chrome Finishing Services

More car owners are swapping factory wheels for a set of chrome finished wheels. With PVD wheel chroming in Los Angeles rising in popularity, more companies are offering the service. What this means for you as a car owner is getting a harder time trying to choose a reliable and professional service provider that you can count on. Wheel Creations PVD is a pioneer in the process of applying PVD to create beautifully-finished chrome wheels.

Recognized for offering exceptional service to customers, the company is one of those that you can rely on when you want professional PVD chroming services. No matter how old your car is, we have options available to suit your needs. PVD chrome wheels offer a range of benefits that every car owner can enjoy:

  • More durable than traditional chrome plating
  • Resists corrosion, peeling, and chipping
  • Ideal for all weather conditions
  • 100% environmentally friendly and safe
  • 80% lighter than chrome plating which ensures better fuel economy
  • Available in different wheel finishes like black, bright, and onyx
  • Easy and affordable to maintain and fix in case of wear and tear
  • Ensures maximum wheel protection for years

Revolutionary Chrome Wheel Exchange

There are many car owners in Los Angeles interested in PVD wheel chroming but don’t want to buy a new set of wheels. If you’re one of them, you don’t have to buy new PVD chrome finished wheels. Wheel Creations PVD offers the best value to customers by providing California’s best and most trusted O.E.M. Wheel Exchange Program. Through this program, we provide you with a selection of PVD chrome plated wheels to choose from in exchange for your factory finish wheels.

All you have to do is order the same size and style of wheels you have on your car, and we’ll send the exact wheels back to you in a PVD chrome finish of your choice. You’re charged a refundable core charge of $350 per wheel that we ship to you. As a leading PVD wheel chroming expert in Los Angeles, you can count on us for the most reliable wheel exchange program.

PVD Chrome Wheel Refinishing and Restoration

PVD black chrome

Wheel Creations PVD also provides O.E.M. wheel refinishing and restoration services to ensure every customer is fully satisfied with the quality and finish of their wheels. We refinish your wheels in a PVD chrome of your choice. Our process meets factory-grade standards and approval. Worried that your wheels have rusted parts or peels and chips caused by wear? Our dependable wheel restoration services will restore your wheels to the original bright finish.

Talk to Our Experts Now

Ready to upgrade to custom PVD chrome wheels? With over 30-years of experience serving customers, you can count on Wheel Creations PVD for professional PVD wheel chroming services in Los Angeles. Get in touch with our experienced experts to enjoy real value, great service, and savings today. Call us directly at (562) 381-2670.

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